Looking for Volunteers!

Socialize, Network, Learn, and Contribute!


Susan FreemanOur volunteers make up a close community of like-minded people who share a common interest in the fascinating realm of parapsychology and consciousness. Being a Rhine volunteer is extremely rewarding and has distinct advantages, such as having the opportunity to network and socialize with world renowned parapsychology experts and researchers and others with similar interests.

Volunteers are offered special incentives including: attendance at Rhine  programs and social events, and special discounts. Consider becoming a part of one of the oldest and most respected centers of its kind in the world. Please contact Susan Freeman, our Volunteer Coordinator or call the Rhine at (919) 309-4600 for further information.

Volunteers' meetings always take place the third Tuesday of the month.


Karen-PamelaThe Rhine volunteers have been preserving and organizing their abundant newspaper and magazine articles dating back to the 1930s. Susan Freeman and Pamela St. John have been leading monthly “Archival Work Sessions” in the Rhine Research Center Alex Tanous Library since last February, and are always happy to have more volunteers to join them at the table. Time is spent reading fascinating articles and labeling them with date and category. Snacks or lunch can be brought, although we eat them in the kitchen

If you would like to help please sign up with Susan. Thank you for all your help!

We have come a long way! We are starting to create the actual notebooks for all of the articles, and now we are starting on photos, and of course there are still more articles! It is always fun and informative, and we would appreciate your help. Bring a lunch or a snack.

Place: Alex Tanous Library, Rhine Research Center 




Do you have some extra time during the day or afterhours to help develop and promote the Rhine Center’s expanding research and educational programs? Here are some of the current needs—

Handling & Shipping:  Help in screening incoming calls, signups for programs and membership, sales and mailings of books and products.

Friendly Greeters: Program registration, hosting and sales activities at the regular evening talks, workshops and yearly conferences.

Publicity Paragons: Preparing notices for email and website posting of programs as well as expanding the overall media contacts to better publicize Rhine Center events...

Book Buddies: Help with general library work such as logging in of new books, adding onto software program, writing selected book reviews for the newsletter, and/or developing a lending library of extra library books.

For the Record: Backup assistance to audiovisual technical staff in audio and video-recording of programs

Historians: Assistance in organizing and preserving archival materials from the Rhine Center past.

Research Acolytes: Occasional assistance to research staff on selected research projects or grant proposals.

Development Demons: Assist in fund-raising and general promotional activities of the Center.

If you are interested, please contact Lisa or call 919-309-4600 during weekday hours.



Did you know the Rhine Research Center relies almost exclusively on volunteers to manage and run our operations?