Friday, June 15: PK Is Real! New Findings from the Rhine with John G. Kruth
Friday, June 15th, 7pm @ The Episcopal Center at Duke University

Can people affect the world with their minds?

John G. KruthTelekinesis, Psychokinesis, PK... Mind-Matter Interaction has been seen on TV shows and movies, but is it real?  Rhine Executive Director John G. Kruth will discuss the new finding from the Rhine indicating that PK is a real phenomena that can be captured in laboratory studies.   

Join us as we explore the experimental evidence for PK and decide for yourself whether PK is real!

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RECCombinedLogoThree Online Courses:
Beginning in June

Whether you are doing research or have a casual interest in Parapsychology, these courses provide professional information in a fun and interactive forum. These fun courses are starting soon!

Introduction to Parapsychology with Loyd Auerbach
starting Monday, June 11th 

Remote Viewing with Paul H. Smith
starting Tuesday, June 12th

Beyond the Physical: Evidence for the Persistence of Spirit
with John G. Kruth
starting Tuesday, July 10th

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The 2nd Rhine Mysterious Short Story Contest

Do you have a strange, eerie story just waiting to be told? Now is your chance! The Rhine Research Center invites you to take your creativity to the far reaches of the mind

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Four New Videos in the Rhine Media Library

RhineFridayEventCrowdSmThe Rhine Media Library has been updated with new videos and presentations from the past few months.  The new videos include talks about the Scole Experiments on Mediumship, the Born Aware Phenomenon, Altruism & Empathy, and letters between J.B. Rhine & Carl Jung.

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The latest issue of the Journal of Parapsychology is available to scientific supporters of the Rhine. It includes a review of the research presented at the conference of the Parapsychological Association and the President's Address from Chris Roe.

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Parapsychology in the Media

ElectricMistAre you interested in parapsychology, the paranormal, and TV/Film?  Well, a new blog called Bent Perspectives takes a twisted look at some shows, old and new, and provides insight to help you to plan your viewing time.  These reviews cover everything from NDEs to false prophets to alien contact, and more!

New reviews added for 2018, including a review of the new TV Series, The Healer!

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Exploring the  Science  of the Future

currentresearchFor over 75 years the Rhine laboratories have been doing research in the field of parapsychology.  Strict protocols and methodologies are the hallmark of the Rhine research community, and researchers at the Rhine continue to follow the evidence where it leads.

From the Rhine Bio-Energy Labs to explorations of reports of PSI experiences to interesting pilot studies, the Rhine continues to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.  Read about the Current Research at the Rhine.





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