EVP: Voices from the Other Side
Friday, May 19th: 7pm @ Alex Tanous Library at the Rhine Research Center

with Dr. Phil Morse, PhD

PhilMorse 2Electronic Voice Phenomena, also known as EVP, consists of unexpected, inexplicable voices that are mysteriously recorded on electronic media by methods which remain unknown to modern science.

Join us this Friday, May 19th for this special opportunity to hear Dr. Phillip Morse discuss his experiences with EVPs including conversations with mediums and a primer on all types of electronic communications.

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RECCombinedLogoOnline Courses Now Available

Whether you are doing research or have a casual interest in Parapsychology, these courses provide professional information in a fun and interactive forum.

Introduction to Parapsychology starts Wednesday, May 10th
Learn about the science behind what you believe.

Lucid Dreaming starts Thursday, May 11th
Lucid dreams are a fascinating phenomena! Join Ryan Hurd to learn more and to discover how you can encourage your own lucid dreams.

Traveling Out of the Body starts Tuesday, May 30th
Out of Body Experience expert and practitioner Graham Nicholls joins us for this interesting course.

Click here to learn more and to apply for these ONLINE courses Watch live or watch the recorded classes at your convenience.

ArcherFarPsychics for Psychic Research

Can experienced psychics use their abilities to raise funds for psychic research?

The Rhine is planning a new research project that will utilize the techniques of Associative Remote Viewing to work with experienced psychics to raise money for future research projects. This project requires an initial investment to get started.

Visit our GoFundMe page to help us get started.  Share with your friends, family, researchers, psychics... Click now to be part of this important project!

Exploring the  Science  of the Future

currentresearchFor over 75 years the Rhine laboratories have been doing research in the field of parapsychology.  Strict protocols and methodologies are the hallmark of the Rhine research community, and researchers at the Rhine continue to follow the evidence where it leads.

From the Rhine Bio-Energy Labs to explorations of reports of PSI experiences to interesting pilot studies, the Rhine continues to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.  Read about the Current Research at the Rhine.






The latest issue of the Journal of Parapsychology is available to scientific supporters of the Rhine. It includes a detailed exploration of the theories and evidence for the Survival Hypothesis - does the soul survive outside of the physical body.

Subscribe to the leading academic Journal in the field of Parapsychology.  Online subscriptions receive access to the available archives, and those archives are growing every month to include more historic literature.  Click here to learn more....

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