A Message of Thanks From the Rhine

RhineSign 1As we end 2017 and move forward to 2018, the Rhine would like to give thanks to the members of our community.  Your support and interests have kept the Rhine active and growing.

"The Rhine Research Center is a beacon for many people and provides information and education to a diverse, world-wide community of those seeking to better understand our relationship with the universe. Your contributions have helped us to serve our members and provide groundbreaking research to the scientific community in many ways..."

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Research Opportunity

Computer BrainWould you like to be part of a research study at the Rhine?  The study examines how people interact and affect computer systems. The only requirements are that you can schedule an appointment at the Rhine lab, are 18 years of age or older, have basic computer skills, and read and write English.

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NO SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED.  Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments available.

Four New Videos in the Rhine Media Library

RhineFridayEventCrowdSmThe Rhine Media Library has been updated with 4 new videos and presentations from the past few months.  The new videos include talks about Near Death Experiences, Healing and Healthcare, Holistic Caregiving, & Evidence of the Afterilfe.

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Exploring the  Science  of the Future

currentresearchFor over 75 years the Rhine laboratories have been doing research in the field of parapsychology.  Strict protocols and methodologies are the hallmark of the Rhine research community, and researchers at the Rhine continue to follow the evidence where it leads.

From the Rhine Bio-Energy Labs to explorations of reports of PSI experiences to interesting pilot studies, the Rhine continues to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.  Read about the Current Research at the Rhine.






The latest issue of the Journal of Parapsychology is available to scientific supporters of the Rhine. It includes a detailed exploration of the theories and evidence for the Survival Hypothesis - does the soul survive outside of the physical body.

Subscribe to the leading academic Journal in the field of Parapsychology.  Online subscriptions receive access to the available archives, and those archives are growing every month to include more historic literature.  Click here to learn more....

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Visit the Alliance for Global Consciousness

AllianceForGlobalConsciousnessLogoThe Rhine is proud to be a member of the newly formed Alliance for Global Consciousness.

This group of like-minded organizations was formed to provide services and support to individuals and organizations across the globe who are interested in advancing their understanding and experience of consciousness.

Members include: A.R.E., GlideWing eLearning, IANDS, IONS, ISSSEEM, Holos University, Marilyn Schlitz, The Monroe Institute, and The Rhine.

Rhine Newsletter Archive Available

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The Rhine Newsletters were published regularly from 2008 - 2012, and they contained interesting articles about the history of the Rhine, reports from the Rhine files, and research projects from that time.  The Archive of these newsletters is available now under the menu item Resources.

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